&holly has been in existence since 2000. Without playing out live as much, I turned my attention to recording more of my ideas. The result has been &holly.

Ah, the name…
For those interested where the name came from, here is the brief history. In August 1993, after a few (well, maybe more than few) dark beers at McSorley’s in NYC, I accepted to tryout as a bass player for a Northern NJ cover band. As we practiced and built up a decent set list of songs, the other members decided that with a new member in the band, maybe it was time for a new name. After many discussions (and more beer of course), it was finally decided – Marshall, Will & Holly. The perfect name for a group of young adults weened on 1970s Saturday morning TV. Not too obvious and not to obscure, with just the right touch of kitch.

I hope those reading this get it, I really don’t want to write another paragraph! But if you still don’t get it, I’ll give you a hint – mmm… let’s see… we’ll make this easy – Sleestacks. So now that we haven’t been playing as a band and I started my own project, I had to come up with a name. What better and easier way but to pull from the previous band? Besides there are MWandH (‘m-wand-h’ as my wife likes to say) cameos on this project, too!

That’s enough history…
Now that we’ve established how and why &holly has come about, now on to the real important information, gear and software! Over the years I have found myself using less and less gear. The two basses I have used have probably been the some of the few things that haven’t changed. One is a active-pickup, long scale Tokai bass and the other is a solid-wood version Steinberger. I’ve been a Mac addict since college, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that is my choice of computer for recording. But software hasn’t been as constant. For years, I used Opcode StudioVision along with a full cabinet full of outboard gear. That has now been replaced with my new favorite (don’t laugh all you serious recordists) GarageBand! With GarageBand, I feel I have been more productive than I have been in the previous years! It’s so fun to use! I still have some other recording software like Metro, Live and Peak along with some outboard gear (a compressor, midiVerb, DM5, Gallien-Krueger amp, Mesa Boogie cabinet with two 15 speakers and some other equipment) and I am in the process of updating some of it (maybe some new mics) but I don’t seem to use any of it as much as the Mac, GarageBand, some synth plug-ins, and my bass!

More Info…
Equipment, Likes & Links

My Equipment and Software:
Steinberger Bass
Tokai Bass
M-Audio O2
MacBook Pro 15
Ableton Live
Bias Peak
Bias SoundSoap
Shure SM57
Mackie 1202
Various AU Plug-Ins

Some Likes…
My favorite songs
* Pain Lies On The Riverside
* Add It Up
* Dim
My favorite bands
* Live
* Depeche Mode
* Rush

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